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LearnRL is a library to use and learn reinforcement learning. It’s also a community off supportive enthousiasts loving to share and build RL-based AI projects ! We would love to help you make projects with LearnRL, so join us on Discord !

About LearnRL

LearnRL is a framework to use and learn reinforcement learning with a wandb integration for a good visualisation ! Our motto is clean, sharable and readable Agents ! As such, you can plug and play agents on any environment, but also look how agents are built to learn !

Also, LearnRL is cross platform compatible ! That’s why no agents are built-in learnrl itself, but you can check:

You can build and run your own Agent in a clear and sharable manner !

import learnrl as rl
import gym

class MyAgent(rl.Agent):

   def act(self, observation, greedy=False):
      """ How the Agent act given an observation """
      return action

   def learn(self):
      """ How the Agent learns from his experiences """
      return logs

   def remember(self, observation, action, reward, done, next_observation=None, info={}, **param):
      """ How the Agent will remember experiences """

env = gym.make('FrozenLake-v0', is_slippery=True) # This could be any gym Environment !
agent = MyAgent(env.observation_space, env.action_space)

pg = rl.Playground(env, agent)
pg.fit(2000, verbose=1)

Note that ‘learn’ and ‘remember’ are optional, so this framework can also be used for baselines !

Of course, you can logs any custom metrics that your Agent/Env gives you and even chose how to aggregate them through episodes or cycles: See the metric codes for more details.

     ('reward~env-rwd', {'steps': 'sum', 'episode': 'sum'}),
     ('handled_reward~reward', {'steps': 'sum', 'episode': 'sum'}),

pg.fit(2000, verbose=1, metrics=metrics)
The Playground will allow you to have clean logs adapted to your will with the verbose parameter:
  • Verbose 1episodes cycles - If your environment makes a lot of quick episodes.
  • Verbose 2episode - To log each individual episode.
  • Verbose 3steps cycles - If your environment makes a lot of quick steps but has long episodes.
  • Verbose 4step - To log each individual step.
  • Verbose 5detailled step - To debug each individual step (with observations, actions, …).

The Playground also allows you to add Callbacks with ease, for example the WandbCallback to have a nice dashboard ! TODO: Show wandb logging


  • Use this API to create your own agents and environments (even multiplayer!) with great compatibility and visualisation.


Install LearnRL by running:

pip install learnrl

Get started

  • TODO: Numpy DQN tutorial

  • TODO: Tensorflow tutorials

  • TODO: Pytorch tutorials

  • TODO: Tensorboard visualisation tutorial

  • TODO: Wandb visualisation tutorial

  • TODO: Wandb sweep tutorial

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If you are having issues, please contact us on Discord.


The project is licensed under the GNU LGPLv3 license.
See LICENCE, COPYING and COPYING.LESSER for more details.